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Oh me god

— August 9 by

That was the most intense stressful airport departure of my life times ten – and I’ve missed two flights.

If I had to guess, based off the reactions I got, no one has ever bicycled to Kampala’s international airport, then taken apart the bicycle at the security check point, placed the pieces on the scanner bed, then made a box out of scrap cardboard, tape and plastic wrap and somehow gotten the bike on the plane without paying the prescribed fee.

Also I was running really late so they had me skip all the lines, security, customs and immigration. Intense day. Also it rained on the 40k ride in so I’m drenched in water and sweat with a good amount of bike grease mixed in.

But I still have mobile internet, i.e. it’s all good. I have a couple day layover in Cairo then home!

  • Nathan Gidding

    I really want to see someone dismantle a bike at an airport security checkpoint then put the pieces in a box made out of scrap cardboard and tape.